The App Couldn’t Handle The World’s Number #1 Billionaire

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What is clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social networking app focused on audio-chat. Users may listen to conversations, interviews, and discussions between interesting people on various subjects. So far the app is available for iPhone users. The Clubhouse is just an invite-only application. You can’t just download it and build an account in the app store. You have to be invited by a current member to join, much like a real-life country or yacht club. Elitism in the modern world but making it interactive.

The news of Elon Musk’s upcoming arrival at…

3 TIPS On Getting The Keys

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You’ve probably heard of how luxurious and high-tech Tesla cars are known to be. They are the ultimate car for performance, safety, and self-driving technology. However, driving a Tesla can be accompanied by a high price tag. For example, a Tesla Model S can cost you more than 80,000 dollars to own, which may be out of budget for you. If you still want to try out a Tesla, renting one for the day is a great option.

Tesla Rental Options

The Tesla models that are generally available for rental include:

  • Tesla Model S

These Cars Will Turn Heads! Vroom, Vroom

Let The Countdown Begins!

10.Toyota Supra $49,990

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The Toyota Supra takes up a fascinating position in the marketplace with a starting price of $49,990. The kit features adjustable dampers, a torque-vectoring rear differential, and Brembo front brakes. SuperSport tires packed around forged wheels, making the steering relatively smooth even in the Sport mode overall a very smooth experience. The steering lightens further in a standard relaxing mode. The suspension provides ample supply for a relatively smooth ride around town. …

The Amazon Billionaire Tycoon Wants To Focus On His Passions

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Photo Credit- by Andrew Harres via Bloomberg

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos will venture down from his role as CEO later this year and transition into the role of chief executive chair. Bezos informed his organization that he wants to focus on projects he is passionate about such as The Washington Post, Earth fund, Blue Origin, and much more. He will hand over the reigns over to Andy Jassy.

Who is Andy Jassy? (The new CEO of Amazon) Andy Jassy joined Amazon in 1997 and founded the cloud services sector of the company, which began as a small addition to its e-commerce activities. …

Battle Of The Sexy Voices!

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Siri and Alexa are popular names in the smart assistant field for a good reason. They are great tools on their respective devices and a big help in your daily life. Siri is a mobile smart assistant, and Alexa is built for a home smart assistant. Siri is for Apple owners, meaning those without the relevant hardware will miss out. Alexa is a little more widespread thanks to Amazon offering a lot of its smart products. …

Are you ready to unfriend the app and press delete?

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When it comes to the social network, it is notorious for intentionally mishandling user’s data with no remorse. Facebook seems to be defined by its ongoing problems and the company has repeatedly gathered user data without their authorization therefore here are the reasons why you should delete the account.

10. Messenger Vs Facebook App:

It is unnecessary to choose 2 different apps such as messenger and Facebook just to message someone when they are both owned by the same company. …

Can you look fashion forward with a mask?

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Razer, which is the world’s leading gamer lifestyle brand, has diversified their portfolio of products to create an N95 class face mask that is dramatically different from every other product on the market.

Project Hazel combines futuristic design with cutting-edge technology to create a unique yet stylish high-tech face mask. It’s considered one of the most intelligent masks that you could own with safety being the number one priority with its creation. What exactly helps the Hazel high-tech face mask stand out from other masks on the market?

Safety is the Priority

Can AMC survive the dominate streaming services?

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(photo Credit By Pexels)

If you use to be an avid movie goer, then the cinema was your best friend or BFF back in the old glory days. Let’s jog down memory lane. Cinema or movie theater was born‎ on December 28, 1895. It remained one of the most popular entertainment ways until the introduction of streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, and others. ‎

AMC theater was famous among every generation ‎ — from Lost Generation to Generation Z — not only for watching movies but as a hang-out for youngsters and families.


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Photo Credit-Scooter Doll

The revolutionary technology era was brought into by Apple, who started making personal computers at first and developing products about which people didn’t know about and even after several years Apple can capture the hearts and imagination of people and is known to make the sleekest technology till today such as the iPhone, the MacBook, the Apple watches etc. Now, the next in line is an “Apple Car” whose project code name is “Titan”. There are number of questions arising from car lovers but the most frequent one is, when is the apple car coming? or what is the big…

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