Battle Of The Sexy Voices!

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Siri and Alexa are popular names in the smart assistant field for a good reason. They are great tools on their respective devices and a big help in your daily life. Siri is a mobile smart assistant, and Alexa is built for a home smart assistant. Siri is for Apple owners, meaning those without the relevant hardware will miss out. Alexa is a little more widespread thanks to Amazon offering a lot of its smart products. Let us get a comparison of both products to reach to a conclusion on which one will suit you better.

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Phone Support:

Siri was made with iPhones in mind as a standalone app before becoming a built-in feature on all Apple devices. It’s far more convenient to use on your phone. Siri is well built into your iPhone that it feels natural to use therefore think of Siri as your friend.

Alexa was built for smart home help focused and it takes a bit of practice and poking around to understand the app.


Integration with home entertainment equipment is one of the coolest features of virtual assistants. You can control digital products of your home with Alexa like Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, etc. You can use Siri on your iPhone or to control music and podcast playback on an Apple TV or other AirPlay speakers.



With Alexa, you can call and send messages in audio or text to any other Alexa user in your contacts. Siri also lets you make calls or send texts. Siri for iPhone users, it is streamlined and lets you compose and read back emails and messages to you.

Interaction with Other Gadgets:

Siri supports fewer devices than Alexa, but it is also more privacy conscious. While Alexa has had issues with snooping on conversations, Apple keeps your smart home data separate from your personal profile so your activity cannot be used to advertise things.

Siri is also a little easier to set up whereas Alexa can seem a bit tricky if you are not well versed and savvy with technology.

Other Features:

Voice recognition of both the products is of good quality by answering requests to the best of the devices’ abilities.

Siri has an advantage about the directions on the phone and Alexa is on a lower grade if we compare.

People use both products for general knowledge questions, and at times Alexa has performed better than Siri in this segment.


There’s still no one-size-fits-all winner among voice assistants. Your best pick is the one that succeeds in the categories most important to you and works with the devices you want.

If you are already an avid Apple user then Siri a no-brainer option. It is speedy, secure and quite funny at times as heard from many users.

However, if you are a big smart home enthusiast and you want to guarantee support for all your smart home devices then Alexa has the edge here, even more so as it is cheaper to adopt. It supports more hardware.

Do you prefer Siri or Alexa? And Why?

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